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Students' transcripts are available upon request by students or other institutions. All transcripts contain information on the program of study, units of study completed with grades hours attended, number of practical applications performed, and dates attended. Requests will be filled within two days by the records clerk. The official transcript of clock hours is maintained by the state regulatory agency.




Transcript requests must be forwarded to the admissions office between the hours of 9 a.m.-12 p.m.


Transcripts will be processed within two days. The first transcript is provided at no charge. All subsequent requests will cost $10.00 each. A record of each request will be kept in the permanent file.


Complete transcript request form, indicate if the transcript should be mailed or will be picked up.


Forward to Administrator office

Pay fee at the time of request (if applicable)

Call (936)899-7170 to schedule pick-up time (if applicable)

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Discrimination Policy

Legends Barber College does not discriminate on the ​s of race, sex, disability, color, creed, marital status, military status, or religion.


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